July 9, 2021

“Commander” Replacement? Recommendations? : Kayaking

"Commander" Replacement? Recommendations? : Kayaking

New here. Hello all.

I went kayaking at a rental dock here in Austin on Monday. It was my first time in a kayak. Usually I’m in backseat of a canoe for mobility reasons in right leg. Nonetheless, I fell in love and want a kayak now.

They kayak they put me in was super comfortable, and was half canoe half kayak it seemed.

I literally just now went back to see what exact kayak I had used a few days ago. It was a Commander by Wilderness Systems. Of course, discontinued a couple seasons ago. They are gonna sell off old inventory next season, but not not be able to wait until then.

What I liked: Basically open top in front of you and flattish bottom – room for my doggo, a small cooler, and most importantly my right leg, as it pretty much doesn’t bend and needs to essentially be extended straight. Also liked that it

Any recommendations? I’m 6’0″. 250. For all intents and purposes, right leg basically stuck in extended position. Purpose = recreational beers with doggo (when the killer algae ain’t around)

Aside from Google, any kayak shops you’d recommend in Austin area. My Google results are just flooded with kayak tours, docks, rental facilities, and big box stores. Any personal recommendations?


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