May 9, 2020

Kayak trailer update, gallery in comments : Kayaking

Kayak trailer update, gallery in comments : Kayaking – update gallery – first gallery, restoration, structure build, and wiring.

Two of our 4 paddles have arrived and fit perfectly between the center spine supports, held firmly by the foam padding. I plan to bungee them in place, but it feels like it’s redundant as they don’t move. Still going to use the bungees, I’m a fan of overkill.

After some constructive criticism on my first post, I’ve made a minor change to the trailer I built. Matching purple cam straps have replaced the ratchet straps previously used.

Stainless steel u-bolts added to the kids kayaks to give a more solid forward lockdown as I don’t trust the rope grab handles.

Next I’ll be working on making a custom-fit trailer cover from a thick tarp, will be cutting to size and installing grommets in the correct locations for securing to the trailer.

It’s almost warm enough to put them in the water for the first time, definitely looking forward to it.

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