May 7, 2020

Maiden Voyage in Grand Rapids, MI : Kayaking

Maiden Voyage in Grand Rapids, MI : Kayaking

Beginner here! I bought a kayak last fall during Black Friday, took it out Sunday, and HATED it. It was super unstable and didn’t track well. I was heartbroken after looking forward to kayaking all winter long. (It was a sun dolphin 10 foot angler kayak)

I decided to list the kayak on FB marketplace and sold it within 14 minutes and got back what I’d spent on it originally.

Took that money, went out and bought myself a Future Beach 10.4 Explorer and it’s perfect for me as a beginner. Very stable, tracks well, and is a comfortable recreational ride. If was choppy today but I was still able to stay dry, upright, and have some fun testing out the new boat. Feeling good about this choice and can’t wait to spend all summer out on the water!

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