July 21, 2021

Stay away from Austin Kayak : Kayaking

Stay away from Austin Kayak : Kayaking

I purchased a 6 kayak trailer on April 9th from Austin Kayak. It took them over a month to find this in their warehouse and decide to ship it. When it arrived it was missing the axle and two cross braces. It is now almost 4 months later and I am still missing these parts. After many back and forths with Austin Kayak and no new news I decided to reach out to Trailex for some insight. It seems Austin Kayak owes them a payment and this is holding up my missing parts. After months of contacts and begging for an update, I hope that this will get someone’s attention. I have also started a filing with the BBB. After looking them up at the BBB it seems I am not alone in this.


What parts I have assembled seems very nice and well made. I would recommend you buy a Trailex trailer, just not from Austin Kayak.

TLDR: I bought a kayak trailer from Austin Kayak. 4 months later I am still waiting on the axle. Don’t be like me. Buy your kayak gear somewhere else.

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