June 17, 2021

Used Perception America 11′ : Kayaking

Used Perception America 11' : Kayaking

Here’s the only info I could find on the thing: https://paddling.com/gear/perception-america-11-0-kayak

Unfortunately I can’t figure out the MSRP, and I’m a beginner who’s not familiar with used pricing. A local guy is selling a used America 11, in excellent condition (I have seen it in real life and tested it) with a two-piece collapsible paddle, a used PFD, and he’s throwing in straps for mounting it to the car without a roof rack for local trips.

Assuming the paddle and PFD are serviceable but nothing special, what would be a fair price to pay? Maybe it’s silly, but I’m playing coy a bit because I’d love to know what people think without revealing his asking price.

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